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Water leaking from gas boiler

MNFreezeMNFreeze Member Posts: 3
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. While trying to figure out why my just one of my 2 upper level radiators is cold, I went downstairs to check the gas fired hot water boiler. I noticed a leak coming from a pipe and dripping right onto the pressure valve below it. The first picture below is a wider shot of the pipe and the ones that follow show it closer. I ended up slowly turning on the knob up and to the left of where the leak was (water intake, I imagine) and it sounded like I was turning the water on. At that point the leaking suddenly stopped. The line seems to go down to the furnace and up to a tank in the ceiling.

I just had someone out for the tune up last week and he said while the boiler is old, it was fine. I called them and they said they can't get out until mid next week. Do I need to worry about this? Sorry if this is confusing, this is definitely not an area I'm familiar with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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