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Alkaline water

HillyHilly Member Posts: 412
So the naturalists and fitness world have a new buzz on water (new to me at least) Apparently 9.5Ph is the golden ticket for hydration, metabolism, and other things. Has anyone been asked to install systems to create this perfect 'ionized' water in the real world?


  • HillyHilly Member Posts: 412
    I somewhat got away from it all myself and forgot to look more into it. Some pretty interesting points in those two articles for sure. It's great how everyone, with a properly written article, can sound correct. I don't know that I would ever 'seek out some 9.5 water' but it's certainly a thing now. I think it's probably a flavor of the week situation though.
  • delta Tdelta T Member Posts: 814
    Yeah I agree, don't think its gonna be any kind of long term thing. I think there is probably some kind of merit hidden amongst all of the pseudoscience and bs, but I'm not really curious enough to dig and do the research, and I'm skeptical that what benefits there may be are really tangible (4% increase in happiness level or some other non-quantifiable thing that some statistician has found a way of "measuring").

    Not sure I believe that it is as simple as putting alkaline water in your system to neutralize the acids that apparently cause all sorts of maladies. The human body is such a complicated thing, I am not sure that we will ever fully understand how it works or interacts with the environment. Found those two articles with 5 mins of searching. Funny that both do kind of make sense, yet both can't be right.

    Kind of surprised I have never been asked to do this for a customer, considering I am in Boulder, CO, seems like the kind of thing people would go nuts for here.
  • Larry_52Larry_52 Member Posts: 181
    When I worked on ships we only drank distilled water. Over a month we would all be so vitamin deficient our bodies would start to cramp up over any repetitive task.
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