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Help identify EDR of Trane steam convector

Please help me identify what I have here.

I have recently moved into a house that I believe to use a 2 pipe Trane Vapor steam system. Lucky for me, I am near Frank (Steamhead), and look forward to his visit soon. Although the boiler (Burnham IN-5) is young, there is definitely some work to do in the near boiler piping (it's copper), and I suspect there is some deferred maintenance needed (blow down, skimming, etc). I am mostly interested in i) learning what I have and how to maintain it, ii) greening this system for maximum efficiency - including better venting, 2 stage gas valves, ODR, etc, and iii) making sure it is properly sized to the heat loss of the house.

With that introduction, I need help calculating the EDR of my system, which solely uses Trane 'Extended Surface Heating' tube/fin convectors. I have attached pictures to help. In this example, the convector is 3 steel pipes with a fin area measuring 40"x5.5".

Also, how do you clean these - all of mine appear to have a 30-40 year blanket of dust/crap on the tubes - not helping the heat transfer efficiency!

I look forward to ongoing discussions.



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