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Indirect Water Heater & Old Boiler

Good Afternoon Heating Help!

We recently bough a home (built in 1979) that currently has gas baseboard heat (4 zone) and a standard gas chimney vented water heater. The water heater is about to go so I have had a few plumbers in to price out options. All of them have recommended I go with a indirect water heater fed off of our existing boiler. The existing boiler (Utica Model No. 200 AGB) is original to the home and my concern is that this will add more stress to an already old boiler. All of the plumbers have said this is not an issue and that the boiler is better served running all year than sitting dormant for 6-7 months a year. We are not currently in a position to replace the boiler. Now I would love the indirect because when we plan on replacing the boiler (hopefully in 2-3 years) I think they will complement each other from an effecenty standpoint. However I am tempted to just go with a standard water heater to not stress out the system as we cannot afford an emergency replacement.

Do the experts here agree that adding an indirect to an old boiler should not cause it to fail sooner? I have attached a photo of the tag on the boiler.



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