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Replacing old brass flanged tail piece

CLamb Member Posts: 87
I am replacing a brass flanged tail piece under an old (circa 1950) dual basin laundry sink because it was leaking at the slip joint. I would like to replace the entire piece but I don't think anyone manufactures something with that big a flare these days. It is a 1.5" tube with a flare diameter of 2.5" at the top. There was a rubber seal (now carbonized) between it and the drain. The bottom of it goes into a slip joint on a P-trap. I am looking for ideas on how to replace it. I could try getting a 1.5" piece of brass tubing, anneal it, and try to flare or spin it out to match the original but that is a lot of work. It looks like someone repaired it before with a piece of copper tube and a coupler soldered. I suppose I could replace the bottom piece of copper with a new one. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


  • rick in Alaska
    rick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,185
    I would try to find some renovation supply places to see if they might have what you need. I am sure with enough time you could make your own tailpiece, but like you said, it will take time.
    I would bet that Icesailor would have had an answer though.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 14,797
    copper tube would be a little easier to work. Anneal it and use a ball peen hammer to flare as needed.

    I agree search e-bay or Pintrest for a replacement.

    Looks like the entire assembly under the sinks could use a replacement.

    If you removed that part could you replace with two small basket strainers and build a PVC connector below?
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • CLamb
    CLamb Member Posts: 87
    I think I'll go with hot rod's advice and just replace the whole assembly. The drains are just two simple drain plugs. I can't see how they're fastened in however. No accessible nuts on the bottom like modern drains. Perhaps they are screwed in from above? Maybe I have to use the crosspiece inside the drain to unscrew it.
  • L Thiesen
    L Thiesen Member Posts: 54
    If that is a porclean on steel sink like the ones I have worked on thoses cross pieces are cast in the the sink by the manufactur. All you will do is break them, I don't know of any basket strainers small enough to fit. If you can't use the orginal cross piece for the drain it will be new sink time. Good Luck.
  • CLamb
    CLamb Member Posts: 87
    Thanks for the warning, L Thiesen. That saved me grief. I ended up just punting. I took apart the soldered joint and used a Fernco to connect it to a new piece. For some reason using Fernco couplings seems to me like cheating. I guess I'm just old school.
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