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Finished Product

Chester Member Posts: 83
I just wanted to say thanks to all the professionals here that helped educate me during my boiler replacement project. At the beginning of the process it was all about heat loss, equipment selection, venting options, P/S piping, etc. And at the end of the process I finally learned how much labor and straight up craftsmanship is involved.

This is a Greenstar 57 that feeds cast iron radiators with a total EDR of 560 sq feet (plus a smaller basement zone and 30-gallon indirect DHW). The house has a design day heat load of approx. 28,000 Btu/hr. My calcs suggest I can set the ODR curve to provide 130F water at design conditions (5F), which should guarantee it performs at or even better than its AFUE rating for the vast majority of the heating season. I'm almost looking forward to winter so I can experiment and dial it in. The installer was a Bosch-certified ABC shop and the lead tech was (understandably, I think) proud of his soldering skills.

Interestingly, although these guys have probably installed dozens if not 100's of Greenstars, this was the first 57,000 Btu unit they've done. They were more than happy to install a smaller boiler once I showed them the heat loss calc and discussed my overall goals. (I don't need massive DHW recovery and was looking for a configuration that will minimize cycling and maximize heating comfort and efficiency.) However, I also interviewed two other contractors who wouldn't agree to install anything less than an 80,000 or 110,000 boiler -- even with my heat loss in hand and a 'customer specified equipment' disclaimer on their invoice. Makes me really wonder how many oversized modcons are being installed out there that will never even modulate down to design conditions and, therefore, won't come close to AFUE. And makes me really appreciate the time all the pros donate here to steer interested consumers in the right direction.


  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,610
    Chester , the guy did a nice job . You got lucky from the looks of the pictures . Good luck with it .
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would .
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