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Plumber and/or Sandblaster in Delaware / Chester County, PA.

1939House Member Posts: 3
Hi - I have a house built in 1939 with 10 cast iron radiators that have never been refinished. Needless to say they are looking a little sad and the wall behind them is looking downright gross (ugh, that 1940's pale pink paint). I'm looking for a professional(s) that can: (1) disconnect the radiators; (2) sandblast and repaint the radiators (with spray paint, not powder coating); and (3) reconnect the radiators. Looking for recommendations of anyone who has experience doing the above. I'm okay with hiring one company to handle steps 1 and 3 and another company to handle step 2. Any recommendations?

My weeks of research have not been fruitful. So far we've only found a couple of plumbers and I'm not sure why they came to the house to do an estimate. They spent the whole time telling us to not disconnect the radiators or we are inviting Armageddon on our house. Are they saying this because they are inexperienced? This wall gives me the impression that people do what we want to do all the time. Are we really taking on an operation as risky as brain surgery where if things goes south even a little the patient will die?


  • 1939House
    1939House Member Posts: 3
    I should clarify - I meant state of Delaware or Chester Co., PA. We live in North Wilmington, very close to the PA boarder.
  • Gordo
    Gordo Member Posts: 761
    Could you share with us if you have either a hot water or steam heating system.
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  • 1939House
    1939House Member Posts: 3
    It is a hot water heating system.
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,491
    I would see no problem in draining down the system, disconnecting the radiators, and taking them away for refinishing.
    I hope this system does not make hot water as well as heating.
    As long as the radiators go back on the same valve they were before, there should be no leak. Using a little dish soap on the mating faces of the unions will make the tightening easier. Put a pipe clamp on the risers, resting on the floor, to prevent the pipe from moving downwards, and possibly getting hung up on the framing.
    If the boiler is old cast iron, then you may not want to completely drain it.--NBC