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Will my design work?

Mike_DMike_D Member Posts: 33
I need to add this baseboard to my one pipe system. I will cut in the 1.25" to 1" reducing tee to feed it where a 1.25" elbow (riser to 2nd floor) feeds 29 EDR. I will drip it back into an existing wet return. I am afraid to let the condensate flow back against the incoming steam and I'm not sure if one section of my return can hold condensate without causing trouble. Thanks


  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,752
    edited May 2015
    How low will that return be in the crawlspace? What pressure are you operating at?
  • Mike_DMike_D Member Posts: 33
    I'm operating at 1 psi. There is less than 3' to the bottom of the floor joists. I can run the 1st portion of return at any level below the joists. The return off the 2nd baseboard has to remain higher than the foundation base plate (between the joists) to cross over into the basement and join with the existing wet return.
  • GordoGordo Member Posts: 726

    That's a nice, clear drawing!

    If you could, I would suggest you run each drip sloping separately back to your wet return and do not try to join them above the water line as you depict.

    Perhaps run those dry returns as high as possible before turning down into the drip

    I would suggest to vent each piece of BB at the opposite the valve. Basically, you should try to re-create a "one-pipe, two-pipe air vent system".

    Yes, keep the pressure very low.
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  • Mike_DMike_D Member Posts: 33
    Thanks. Space is very limited though. Is it not exceptable to join return lines above the water line? Even if I could run separately, can I still upturn the one return to exit the crawl space? The other thought I had was to let the 1st BB counter-flow (no return), but afraid I'll get hammering.
  • Mike_DMike_D Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for the advice guys, - and the explanation Gman, I understand it now. That main is not vent anyhow because it is only about 8' to the boiler from the 1.25" tee and it only feeds that one 2nd floor radiator before my addition.
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