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17 Years

Vinny_5Vinny_5 Member Posts: 59
Hi all. My 41 gallon Boilermate started leaking this week after 17 years of good service so today I applied some epoxy to the leak to slow it down a bit. It's replacement will be a Lochinvar Squire 40 gallon unit to go with my Lochinvar boiler. Hopefully it will be a good choice as I was a bit undecided between that and the Superstor Ultra 45.
Any suggestions or comments about the Squire?


  • rick in Alaskarick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,147
    I don't have any info on the Squire, but unless you want to change it all out, you can just put in a new heating coil in the Boilermate. Would be cheaper and faster anyway.
  • billtwocasebilltwocase Member Posts: 2,385
    Those coils were a warranty issue back then. Was replacing some of them within 24 hours of instal. You can locate a Rep, or call Amtrol. They may be able to help you out? The coil can be replaced
  • Vinny_5Vinny_5 Member Posts: 59
    Thanks for the replies. It was manufactured on 7/7/98.
    First thing I did was call Amtrol but since I am technically not the original owner of it, they wont help me out. The replacement coil costs $977 believe it or not, so no way am I going to invest that kind of cash into it. I have had great luck with it considering all the horror stories I have read regarding leaks and electronics failures in the newer models, but I knew I was on borrowed time with it. My Knight is only a few years old now so hopefully the Squire will work well with it and last a decent amount of time.
    One thing I am concerned about is that both the domestic and coil connections are piped 3/4" on the Boilermate and the Squire calls for 1" all around.
  • Vinny_5Vinny_5 Member Posts: 59
    edited June 2015
    I had the 40 gallon Squire installed today and it went well except that there was the smallest pin hole leak in the casting of the lowest tee that attaches to the drain valve, so they had to come back, empty the boiler and replace the tee. I had also insisted on having unions installed all the way around in the event of a warranty replacement to make it easy to swap out. Lifetime warranty. All in all it seems to be a nice unit and hopefully I get 20 years out of it.
  • tim smithtim smith Member Posts: 2,341
    edited June 2015
    The squire is our go to indirect even though we bounce on boilers between Lochinvar WHN and Triangle trimax. We have been very happy with them and the build quality I feel is better than superstor which was our go to for years. Pipe stubs actually come out in orderly fashion on Lochinvar. Nice setup. Ps, the cast fitting is not part of Lochinvars product, pipe fitting to fit up.
  • Vinny_5Vinny_5 Member Posts: 59
    Thanks, and yes, I watched the entire install and know that the tee was supplied by my installer and it was no fault of Lochinvar's. What I find very cool is that I could go into the boiler room 2 hours after it hit it's set point and the tank temperature is exactly the same. There must be a lot of insulation on this unit.

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