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Looking for thermostat

Condoman Member Posts: 90
I would like to replace my current tstat with a heat only, non-prog, no battery, digital tstat. I looked at the Honeywell T8775A and think it fits the bill however, not everyone online seems to like it. Is there a better choice for me in a simple stat?


  • Tim Potter
    Tim Potter Member Posts: 273
    I looked at the amazon negative reviews on that thermostat, It seems like a few go bad then cause heating problems. Like anything else digital, they have added a layer of complexity & therefore more to go wrong. I have the original Honeywell T style mercury t-stats, House built in 1997, nothing to go wrong or wear out in those, I think they are harder to find though.

    Being as I have radiant in-floor heat, on a zone I separated into 2, I used a Uponor WT-1 on that zone. It works well.

    One of the reasons I chose it was the mechanical 38* failsafe freeze protection, just in cars the electronics fail.

    Winter Park, CO & Arvada, CO
  • mxfrank
    mxfrank Member Posts: 22
    Pull the cover off your thermostat and see if you have a "C" wire. The "C" wire is sometimes referred to as "common" but what it really stands for is "clock". If you don't have a C wire, and the 'stat doesn't use batteries, then it self powers by stealing current from the heating circuit. Some relays are sensitive and will click on and off when the 'stat is charging up. So my recommendation is that if you don't want a battery stat and don't have a C wire, stick with a mechanical unit. Otherwise, speak to an electrician about running a C if you don't have one and then you will have a very wide choice.
  • Condoman
    Condoman Member Posts: 90
    mxfrank: I only have 2 wire but adding a C would be easy and in fact replacing the run with 3 wire would be just as easy.
    I just wanted a digital readout without the popular default fan switch and heat/cool choice. I'll do some more research on tstats in general. Thanks
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,060
    I have several zones in my house, I use the focus pro 5000, HW TH5110d1022. This is the go to replacement for my customers who need something simple. (Non programmable). It has batteries that last a long time if you have the common wire connection. Plenty of warning for battery replacement.
    In the heat only mode the fan switch becomes a momentary push for back light. The system switch goes from heat to off. No cool or fan mentioned or shown if programed for heating only. This is the large screen/number display. Backlite on with the first touch of any button. May not be available in big box stores. HVAC company or Supply house.com has them.
  • wogpa67
    wogpa67 Member Posts: 238
    The Honeywell focuspro 5110 can do what you want.
  • Gabriel@HBX
    Gabriel@HBX Member Posts: 9
    The HBX THM-0100 is a non-programmable thermostat that can be used for heat, cool or setpoint control