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JaytJayt Posts: 5Member
Maintenance of ACs is very important for reducing energy bills for improve efficiency of refrigeration.


  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,144Member
    You got that right.
  • RobGRobG Posts: 1,850Member
    And the $49.99 maintenance agreement is not usually the best option.
  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,144Member
    edited April 2015
    Maintenance is part of my business name, with a TM maintenance I give regular hourly rates 24-7-365. You need a LL or SLFD, SGMI, CCH,contactor, startcap, run cap, you get it, otherwise forget it.

    Hay, hang on here . A 1st time poster!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome brother.
  • Empire_2Empire_2 Posts: 2,343Member
    Jayt said:

    Maintenance of ACs is very important for reducing energy bills and efficiency of refrigeration.

    We don't want to reduce the efficiency,,......? Just caught that. No big deal. Was a little funny though.

  • unclejohnunclejohn Posts: 1,420Member
    RobG; How else are green horns gonna learn if not for the $49.99 maintenance special's. Dispatcher.." just remember kid the blue hose goes on the big pipe and the red hose goes on the little pipe and the arrow points toward the furnace, now go get em kid. "
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