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Heat two buildings with one GSHP?

Interceptor Member Posts: 46
I'm in the early dreaming stage of planning a new home. I am considering a GSHP to heat the house, and I will also have a separate heated workshop. Both buildings will have radiant floors. Can I have two separate heat pumps connected to the same ground loop, or is it possible to use one heat pump to heat separate buffer tanks in each building?


  • Don_197
    Don_197 Member Posts: 184
    Yes.....it is possible to use one unit to heat both zones of heating, It is also possible to have two units share an appropriately sized for both loads ground loop, but doesn't make much sense to do so, as laying separate loop down if a very easy thing to do since you are already trenching or drilling for the first one. there are a ton of vids on utube that explain how they work (I wouldn't necessarily use the vids to dictate best installation practices (or design by any means either) but they can give you an idea of how these machines operate.
  • Interceptor
    Interceptor Member Posts: 46
    Thanks Don. I have a pretty good basic understanding of how they work, I'm just not sure of all the various application possibilities. I have been assuming the ground loops will be a large portion of the system expense, but that may not be the case. It will need to be vertical bore holes, there are too many trees and boulders for trenches. I just want to know what my options are before I get any quotes.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,345
    Installing the wells will be your largest expence. It's the main reason more GSHP are not installed. They are an excellent system if done properly (like anything else).

    Check out "WATERFURNACE" I installed a system 15 years ago with them and was very impressed with there units. We have also installed AAon which I was not impressed with. These were both commercial jobs.
  • wogpa67
    wogpa67 Member Posts: 238
    How far away will the shop be from the main house?
    What is your anticipated heat loss for each structure?
    A 2 stage units low stage is 67% of the full output.
    As both Gents stated above it's possible.
  • Interceptor
    Interceptor Member Posts: 46
    Like I said this is just in the dream stage right now, have not even started any real planning. If all goes as planned it will be a small ranch about 1000sf with 1000sf basement, and a 1500sf pole barn, both new construction and well insulated, in eastern PA. The shop will likely be about 75-100 feet from the house.

    So lets assume one heat pump that can handle the loads of both buildings. The heat pump would be installed in the house and have a storage tank to supply hot water to the house zones. Could I get away with running the shop as another zone through 100' of underground PEX? Would the energy required for pumping negate any savings? Perhaps it would be more efficient to have another storage tank in the shop, it would still require a large pump to charge the tank, but could use a smaller zone pump.
  • wogpa67
    wogpa67 Member Posts: 238
    The insulated he insulated pex that you would need would most likely negate that the cost of a smaller unit for the out building most likely.
  • Interceptor
    Interceptor Member Posts: 46
    I don't know. I bought 120' of 1" foam insulated PEX, I think it was $1600. I don't think any hydronic GSHP is that cheap.
  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,766
    When you're done dreaming and want some design help give me a call to discuss options
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