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Pilot light is noisy after boiler serviced

Alix Member Posts: 11
During a clean and check on my steam boiler the contractor replaced the thermocouple and seemed to have a moment where he had trouble getting the pilot going again. At this point he may have cleaned the pilot assembly (not sure about that yet). Before this clean and check the pilot light had always been silent. Now it is noticeably loud. Sounds kind of like a jet engine now. Is it possible there is too much gas flow and that it needs to be adjusted lower? I've attached a short video (mp4) of what it looks and sounds like now.


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 8,728
    edited March 2015
    In cleaning a pilot I have had the orifice fall out. That will give you a pretty tall/big flame. Hard to miss.

    Harder yet to find the orifice on the floor, especially if you step on it. :/

    The pilot pressure is adjustable at the gas valve.
  • Alix
    Alix Member Posts: 11
    Many thanks Jughne! I have asked the contractor to come back and take a look. Hopefully it will be as simple as adjusting the pilot pressure.