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Buderus Panel Radiator

johnpenfieldjohnpenfield Member Posts: 1
I recently replaced 5' of baseboard radiation with a Buderus panel radiator. It is piped to the 3/4" copper series loop with one mono-flow tee on the return/downflow side of the loop and there is 15" between the mono tee and standard tee. I used 1/2" pex from the copper loop to the radiator and have checked and even switched the supply and return connections on the radiator. The radiator is above the loop and not more then 5' from the 3/4" loop. I get a steady stream of water out of the bleeder. The radiator will not heat after the initial filling. I did not purchase the thermstatic valve option. What am I doing wrong?


  • bmwpowere36m3bmwpowere36m3 Member Posts: 512
    How is the radiator connected to the 3/4" loop? Mono-flow tees? Series? Did the baseboard previously provide heat? Is the radiator plumbed exactly the same as the baseboard was, in terms of supply and return? Any diagrams/sketch of loop? Did you install bypass fittings (“H” fitting) with the radiator?

    The TRV regulates flow thru the radiator... without it the radiator will flow 100% water if no bypass fitting is installed. The stream of water thru the bleeder could just be due to system pressure (15 or so psi) and not necessarily an indicator of flow thru the radiator.
  • clammyclammy Member Posts: 2,531
    Most buderus panel rads come w a yellow cap which screwed onto where your trv would be mounted ,if it is removed off of where the trv head mounts there will be no flow through the raditor that cap depresses the pin to let water in .That trv valve body has a good pressure drop you should have 2 tee s installed a oflow on both supply and return side of that loop with the tee s being seperatored at least the lenght of the raditor even thogh the connections are only about 2 inch apart .Also what type of raditor valve did you usae to connect the raditor with there straight isolation or thereisolation with a by pass type in which case make sure the by pass is closed ,after you have it heating up you can squek it open a littlke bit.Hope this helps ,i personally don t pipe them in series as any thing after it will have a lowered ewt being they can throw out some heat at higher inlet water temp.There s also a numbered flow setter built into the trv body in the rad and some use those for setting flow but mostly on a differnt type of piping system then what youy are comnnecting to .Peace and good luck clammy
    R.A. Calmbacher L.L.C. HVAC
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  • nj6964nj6964 Member Posts: 20
    I'm in similar situation myself where I'm planning to install a panel rad on a 3/4 system with a monoflow tee at the return side. I'd be very interested to hear how this problem was resolved?
  • GWGW Member Posts: 3,789
    15 feet, air pockets, are both runs straight and pitched a bit?

    Drain it, install shut off valves on each run, open one valve for 10 or so seconds, then close it. Repeat on next pipe. Now open them both. Now bleed. I bet it works now.
    Gary Wilson
    Wilson Services, Inc
    Northampton, MA
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  • GWGW Member Posts: 3,789
    Oh 5 feet, reading too fast. Just look for air pockets
    Gary Wilson
    Wilson Services, Inc
    Northampton, MA
    [email protected]
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