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Looking for a Bell & Gossett rep...

jgs2nd Member Posts: 10
Good Morning.

I own and operate a 36 unit apartment building built in 1926 with an original Warren Webster two-pipe steam system. About 25 years ago, my father and I performed a lot of building envelope upgrades as well as improvements to the steam system.

One of the most valuable additions was that of Bell & Gossett Thermomate Thermostatic Control Valves which really did a great job helping balance the system. However, within the last couple of years, the rubber washers started to deteriorate to the point of breaking off and becoming lodged in the valve body causing 'no heat' situations gradually throughout the building. As you can imagine, our initial investment in comfort and efficiency has worn out it's useful life. (I suppose 20 years is pretty good...)

However, it seems that Bell & Gossett (now a Xylem brand?) no longer makes parts for these TCVs? Before I go spending about $7k (parts alone) on a replacement (Danfoss, I've heard is the best?) I wanted to reach out, here on the Wall and make sure I cant find replacement parts. I checked with the local Bell & Gossett distributor and they indicated that the product is no longer made. However, I ran across an article that states the company was re-introducing the valves with new actuators as recent as 2013. (article can be found here: ITT Bell & Gossett Adds New ThermoMate Control Operators )
If anyone has any knowledge on these wonderful valves, I would appreciate it.


John Shea
New Center Court Apts.


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,431
    You can check out these folks...

  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    edited February 2015
    I suspect that you probably put these TRV's to compensate for a balance problem with the system. Are you running low pressures which the system was originally designed for (ounces)? Are all the traps functioning so the air can get out?
    Can't these Webster inlet valves be adjusted for the amount of steam admitted to each radiator? The original balance, and radiator sizing should have been excellent when first installed.
    If the original metering valves have been removed, then maybe orifices, (with low ounces of pressure).in the union would provide the same steam control.
    Naturally a suitable control system goes hand-in-hand with this.--NBC
  • jgs2nd
    jgs2nd Member Posts: 10
    I am running very low pressure in the system. Traps have been checked and replaced through-out the building.

    The old Webster supply valves were replaced before we purchased the building in 1985.

    Been having distribution problems for a little while now. 5 big Gorton vents on each main (courtyard building with 2- 6", 150' mains) smaller vents (a few Hoffman 75s) on dry returns.

    Looks like I may have to just 'pony-up' for some new Danfoss TRVs? That's going to set me back about 12k after all.

    Kinda mad at Bell & Gossett! I'm sure all the tooling exists for making parts for these things. I'm a big fan of their pumps and the company in general, but this is kinda messed up!

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  • Could this be a control issue, as I see you must be having over-heating in some areas, where you are putting on the TRV's
    I would investigate further the question of balance in the system.--NBC
  • The venting fom those few vents would be woefully inadquate. Why spend more money/fuel forcing the air out, when it could be allowed to escape with no back-pressure (resistance).--NBC
  • jgs2nd
    jgs2nd Member Posts: 10
    It seems you are referring to the dry return venting?