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Alternate Device for Vaporstat

I'm a bit tired of these new Vaporstats that are not accurate, cannot be set low enough, and are not capable of repeatable cycles at a set pressure. In short, they are horrible.

What are you guys using for systems that run very low pressure. Yes, I realize that I still will have to use some sort of approved pressure control for code reasons.

I finally finished the refurbishing of that Richardson system. The lower I set the pressure, the better it ran. Outstanding!

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Al Corelli


  • Fizz
    Fizz Member Posts: 547
    Al, curious as to what you did to refurbish Ricardson? What pressure are you running at on system? I too have Richardson and only control is P-trol, with 32 oz pressure gauge for reading. System runs between 1-2 oz. Had v-stat which malfunctioned.
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
    You can build your own, using some low water cut offs placed on a column built on a boiler or if it's two pipe steam, on the B dimension. We have done this before and I still have the wiring diagram for one of them that I will attach below. It's an expensive way to go however, when accuracy is needed it works.
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  • AlCorelliNY
    AlCorelliNY Member Posts: 63
    Thanks Guys.

    Fizz, It runs at 5.6oz now, only because that is as low as the VS can go and reliably restart. We re-vented the return, added vents to the steam main, and removed incorrect/inoperative valves from the radiators. Then we replaced a Cyclegard with a Safegard.
    The system runs so well now that the return line runs cool, even when it is 7 degrees outside.
    I'd love to do a two-stage gas valve to increase cycle times, but everything is running fine.
    Al Corelli

  • Fizz
    Fizz Member Posts: 547
    Thanks Al!