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Oversized pump and Water Velocity?

Babu Member Posts: 1
I'm heating a 23 ft by 19 ft shop with a 20 ft celing. My heat loss calculation shows about 30,000 btu/hr. I have 64ft of 3/4"copper baseboard heaters rated for of a total of 37760 btu @ 180 F. I'm showing based off the
"Taco Radiant Made Easy Application Guide" this requires about 3.9 gpm at a 20 F drop and I should keep the velocity between 2 ft/s to 4 ft/s.
The 2 pipe coming into the shop total 40 ft of 1" oxygen barrier pex and there are lines, fittings, etc connecting the baseboards. Let's say I have a head loss of 5 ft and already have a taco 007 pump. At a 5 ft head loss the graph shows the pump will push about 16 gpm.
Will the Taco 007 pump increase the velocity to beyond 4 ft/s?


  • bmwpowere36m3
    bmwpowere36m3 Member Posts: 512
    How did you get 5 ft of head? At what GPM? 4 fps in 3/4" copper is about 6.5 GPM. Calculate the head at 6.5 GPM and don't forget to include the 1" PEX supplies, and near boiler piping.
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