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Replace Gorton #1 with Gorton #2? Obvious next thing to do?

I have a 3 story house with a total of 13 radiators. I just replaced an oil boiler with a Utica PEG-E 150 gas boiler.

The mains run more or less around the perimeter of the basement and the only apparent vent is a Gorton #1 at what I believe is the return (photo attached). It seems like a lot of air will need to go somewhere, so am I correct that at least one Gorton #2 in the same location, replacing the #1 would be a step in the right direction?

I'm sure that there are a lot of possible upgrades to the system (vaporstat, additional main vents in other locations, etc.), but I'm also planning to move in 1-2 years, so I want to consider what will provide a payback within that time period.

So, would there be a reason not to replace the Gorton #1 with a #2 and, given the time period, does it seem worthwhile?

Also, none of the mains are insulated. Would insulating them make enough of a difference to be worthwhile over the next 1-2 years?

Many thanks.imageimage


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,542
    As I'm sure you understand, The performance of the heating system isn't dependent on when/if you move. Adding a Gorton 2 will help more than the Gorton 1 but calculating and installing the right amount of venting will make you and the next homeowner more comfortable and cause the system to run more effeciently.
    Having said that, put the Gorton 2 on and spend $2 or $3.00 more and buy a couple nipples, a Tee and a couple elbows and install the Gorton 2 along side the Gorton 1 you already have.
    If you rethink your decision, you should use the equalivent of one Gorton 2 for each 20 feet of 2" Main.