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Bryant Furnace not lighting?

Bkbond12Bkbond12 Member Posts: 3
Hello Everyone,
I could really use some help. The batteries died in my thermostat. I replaced them and now my furnace (Bryant 350mav LP) won'the light.

I checked the following:
ignitor - 93 ohms
ignition wire - 6.83 volts

The system runs and then throws a code 14 followed by a code 34. It then stays on 34. I cycled the system and used a candle lighter to start the furnace. Ran like a champ.

The resisted at the ignitor seems high and the voltage at the wire seems low. Not sure where to go. I'm a diyer and don'the have the cash to hire a contractor. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated


  • If not getting 120v to hsi, it is possible the control board is bad. If you can inspect the board you will probably find burnt terminals or relay at hsi connection. Would require board replacement.
  • Bkbond12Bkbond12 Member Posts: 3
    I inspected the board and don'the see any burnt terminals. I replaced the ignitor and cleaned the flame presence sensor. Tried jumping all the limit switches. Realized I'm out of my league and called a Pro. $75 to just come look at it. I'llater update in a few hours after they get here. I'm leaning towards a bad board also, but don'the understand how I can get it working by manually lighting it if the board is bad.
  • Bkbond12Bkbond12 Member Posts: 3
    The board was bad. The ignitor was prolly close to going bad. There is a 20 year warranty on my heat exchanger, so I'very got that going for me. They said they'd replace it due to an agreement with the manufacturer because that batch corrodes/fails. And the hits keep coming....I'very got dual zoned climate control and one of my dampers has been failing, so the bedrooms get hot, but the main living area stays I get to cut a hole in my basement ceiling.
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