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Help with storage tank side arm tankless

Originally posted as a messa
thanks in advance for advice!!

I read your posts regarding using a tankless as a sidearm to an electric tank which only uses the thermostat as a switch to a relay to fire pumps on to heat through the tankless.

I also read this confusing article http://m.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/articles/add-a-tank-and-pump-to-a-tankless-water-heater-to-save-energy.aspx

I tried the aforementioned and I live in Los angeles but out cold water from the street comes in around 125# which is a lotta pressure and I send through a reducing valve but where I am stuck on the piping is that if I pipe it through the cold in down the dip tube of electric water heater (storage tank) my 2 in series grandfos circulators cannot overcome the cold water pressure into the tank.

What do you recommend recipe it as? Right now, the takao d2 I have just cannot raise the temp from 50*F to 120-140and so the **** 11gpm listed is actually closer to 2 gpm which prevents more than 1 shower at a time.

I was thinking to repipe the cold from street into top through dipstick, use existing out of drain on bottom of tank to pipe to tankless heater cold then out the hot of tankless into grundfos circulators into 1" heater element taping. Controlled by bottom thermostat via relay to turn on and off circulators. Is this right?

Do u have a pipe diagram that u could shoot me? Thanks!!!