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Rreverse osmosis systems

RayH Member Posts: 101
I'm looking for a whole house reverse osmosis system for a customer. I would like for a reputable brand to remove arsenic from the drinking water. Any suggestions?


  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Lots of options there, and almost no limit to what you can spend. Stay away from anything that doesn't use standard filter cartridges and membranes -- there are a few big brands out there who want to lock you in for life. A full water test is always a good idea before you start -- there are things that can really mess up an RO membrane and specific pretreatments for most of them.
    http://www.uswatersystems.com/ has decent quality at competitive prices.
  • Larry_52
    Larry_52 Member Posts: 182
    I don't know much about residential systems but deal with them in commercial treatments. As mentioned the inlet raw water needs to be tested as it will determine how robust the pretreatment needs to be. Is this well water? If it is not chlorinated I would look at polyamide membranes over cellulose acetate. I would recommend DOW filmtec over any other polyamide membranes. There are many draw backs of such a system, the number one is the reject water requirements. Most sellers of these systems push the membrane flux gpd to the limit and use recovery #'s that are too high. All this means to you is a maintenance intensive system with high operating costs. If it is a whole house system the ro will drop the pH of its permeate and your metal pipes can be in for a beating. You can add a pH booster on its outlet but that adds up to more cost.

    I would recommend a media filtration based system.