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What to do with Hoffman 43 Main Vent

STvexSTvex Posts: 38Member
Hi, I had two Hoffman 43's on my main vent. Replaced them with 2 gorton 1's. I have 20 ft to 30 ft of 2 inch main pipe. Now that I have these Hoffmans, what can I do with them? Should I add more connections to the antler and add these hoffmans to the gortons? Waste of time or will I get some added venting? Thanks


  • FredFred Posts: 7,863Member
    edited January 2015
    For 20 to 30 ft of 2" Main, you should have at least the equalivent of 1 Gorton #2 or 3 Gorton #1's. If those Hoffman 43's are still good, you can add them but they don't vent that much air. I'd add about 2 more Gorton #1's.
    EDIT: Assuming you have at least a 1/2" tapping for the vent antler.
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