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Pressuretrol problem?

bruce_21 Member Posts: 236
I have the new (last year) pressuretrol set at the very lowest point in its range: 1/2 psi cut-in. But the also new last year 0-5 psi gauge shows the system operating between 2.5 and 4 psi. Both pigtails are also new last year. Is this pressuretrol bad? What to do?


  • KC_Jones
    KC_Jones Member Posts: 4,649
    What is the white wheel inside set to? It should be set to 1. Have you checked to make sure the pigtail isn't clogged? How about the pressuretrol itself? You need to check to make sure the little port on the bottom isn't clogged also.
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  • bruce_21
    bruce_21 Member Posts: 236
    The 1 on the white wheel is visible when the cover is removed so I suppose it is set as low as possible.
  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,520
    edited January 2015
    Either the Pigtail is clogged or the Pressuretrol needs to be recalibrated. See Calibration instructions below:
    Pressuretrol Re-Calibration:
    Inside the Pressuretrol, right below the micro switch, there is a pivot arm. At the end of that arm you will see a screw pin that is activated by the diaphragm at the bottom of the Pressuretrol. If you look very carefully at that screw pin, you will see it actually has a tiny (I mean tiny) hex head on it. It takes a .050 hex wrench and you can turn it clockwise (Towards the bottom of the Pressuretrol to decrease the Cut-out pressure or counter clockwise to increase the cut-out pressure (which none of us want to do but who knows, your Pressuretrol may be really screwed up!). Turn the power to the unit off first. You may find the first attempt to turn that screw a little bit stubborn (relatively speaking) because it has some Locktite on it but it does turn. Don't turn too much, a fraction of a turn goes a long way towards getting it adjusted where you want it (maybe 1/32 inch turn to start with). You may need to play with it to get it exactly where you want cut out to be.
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