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Quick piping fix works great

OldslowanduglyOldslowandugly Posts: 37Member
edited January 2015 in Strictly Steam
I had a day to myself so I attacked my piping problem. I removed the main riser from the bullhead T and relocated it over to the other main riser with a T. I know they should be on their own takeoffs, but for now that's the best I could do what with it being very cold out at the moment. At least now there is a modest header with a chance to drop the water. I also adjusted the pitch on that problem main to verify good drainage, and I reinstalled both my sets of main vents. So what did I get? I now see both sets of main vents venting in synch- both get hot and close at the same time- both sides of the house get warm at the same time. No gurgling at the radiators. Balance- woo hoo! Later, after heating season ends, I will build a nice dropped header. After looking at the G.W. Gill site jobs, I am inspired to do it right. Here are before and after pics. imageimageimage


  • Glad it worked out for the improvement it gave, but remember it's a quick fix, and the drop header you plan for the future will make things even better!--NBC
  • SnowmeltSnowmelt Posts: 1,165Member
    With the three main vents did you notice the pipes warming up quicker?
  • OldslowanduglyOldslowandugly Posts: 37Member
    Yes, in fact now that it's really cold out and the system is working full time so the boiler and piping stay hot between cycles- I am getting the mains vented in under a minute. If I stand at the ends of the mains where the vents are, I can feel with my gloved hand that they get hot within seconds of each other. Overall a huge improvement, but the drop header will be the crowning touch.
  • hboogzhboogz Posts: 113Member
    looking forward to seeing pics of the drop header install. You're using two Gorton #1's ? You re-piped by yourself I assume?
  • FredFred Posts: 8,282Member
    Can't see the boiler but when you put that drop header in, use both riser Tappings in the boiler if it has two. I'm glad it is working better for you!
  • OldslowanduglyOldslowandugly Posts: 37Member
    Yes, that is the whole point- to eventually use both tappings. I don't know why the installer used only one when the instructions clearly specified two, but a footnote said using only one was "optional". Dan's books scared me to death over stressing the sections, but as per his instruction I will use very tall risers with as much offset as I can fit, then drop down to a 3" header. Yes, I do my own piping and I was lucky to score a like-new Ridgid S4A compound wrench on craigslist locally for only $100. That proved it's worth unscrewing the unions and fittings. They are only 3 years old but a 24" wrench with 4' cheater couldn't budge them. I also found a like new Ridgid 12-R threader set on Ebay cheaply so I can make my own piping up to 2". Anything bigger my hardware store guy can make. The main vents are Maid-O-Mist #1's and I had 3 on each main but now I found 2 is plenty and I also left the original Dole #4's back at the boiler. I'm no plumber, just a fanatical DIY'er and I love a challenge.
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