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Quick Question; Do you think its set correctly?

Hey All, Before I get into specifics on the heated home, I am just wondering if the specs that are on the pressure and diff are "okay"?

Let me know! Thank you!

David :smiley:


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,541
    Probably Close enough. If you can get the Main to 1.5PSI and the Differential to 1PSI it would be better but it really depends on how accurate the Pressuretrol is. you really need a 0 - 3PSI gauge on that same pigtail to know whats going on with the pressure.
  • davidkrocks
    davidkrocks Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2014
    okay, Thank you. we had out boiler replaced last year when the low water cutoff failed. After they installed the new boiler block it was already too warm to really test it out the steam heat (April).

    At the start of the heating season, I noticed that there was water leaking from the radiator pipes, which was making me me feel worried. After doing some research; I found out that the pressuretrol was set at 6 PSI by the installers!! :o Since then, I set the pressure down to a tremendously safer level within the pics! Thank you!!!!
  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,541
    edited December 2014
    At 5, 6PSI or higher, steam joints, couplings and valves will begin to leak for sure! The one thing you want to do at least once a year is take the Pressuretrol off and take the pigtail off and clean it out. They tend to get plugged up with gunk and the Pressuretol can't see the pressure at that point.
    Some will suggest that you just take the Pressuretrol off and blow into the pigtail to open it up but that doesn't really get it as clean as you want so that the clean-out lasts a good year. It's ok but once you take the Pressuretrol off, why not do it right.
    I might as well fore ware you about the need to skim that new boiler as well. hopefully the installers put in a skim port for you. It should be a 1-1/2 inch pipe with a cap or full port valve on it mounted on the front or possibly side/rear of the boiler, above the water line. With that new boiler, at some point you will see the water in the sight glass bounce like crazy, (1/2 to 3/4 inch bounce is ok)maybe even enough to shut the boiler down on Low Water or cause the Water feed (if you have an auto water feed) to add more water and then the boiler will be overfilled when the boiler is not running.
    At that point you know you need to sskim the oils off of the surface of the water in the boiler. It is not a difficult process but it is time consuming. Follow the procedures in your owner's manual or post on "Strictly Steam on this wall and we will be able to guide you through that process. Don't panic when that happens, it has to be done (multiple times) on all new boiler installations.