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Utica combiboiler CUB 150

Hello, trying to get the best advice on Combiboilers.
I'm renovating a 1200 SF. Cape Cod, knee walls upstairs and first floor very well insulated, the gabled upstairs has very old insulation from the fifties and sixties but it was already finished and didnt want to gut that part, went with a Utica CUB 150 combi unit.
I'm in the great Lakes Region with temperature in the -20's during the Winter.
Not a lot of info on the performance to date.
It is a three zone system with all copper pipe and valve manifold going to hydronic pex to baseboard slantfin copper radiators.
Tried to keep the connections to a minimum using both the band and clip type connectors.
I've looked into systems for a while and heard good and bad, if anyone has a Utica combi please post your experience...preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 3,815
    I have one going in this week. It is a brand new offering for ECR/ Utica/ Dunkirk. I am sure it will be fine for a mid efficiency unit. As with anything you need to have the appropriate use for it. This is a 1.5 bath condo. Be careful of your loop lengths as the unit will not work as well over 8' of head would need to do primary/ secondary looping then.I do like the venting options it offers either Cat1 or Cat3.... Lakes region in what state?
  • gregsss
    gregsss Member Posts: 2
    I'm in Erie, PA...I think there adjustments to head pressure and outside air temp that can be made.
    Not very much info out there on this make and model,let me know it works out for you.