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knuckle heads

THE term " knuckle heads" as people in industry now using.
I found that the People that are calling the other people this they are not far from the that term AT TIMES.
I hear this from Heating Engineers, Salesmen to Technical support staff, service tech. of all types. all the while hearing them complain about other people. the only seeing if it is not in a Manual I just can be. Lol
Interesting that some of these same people cannot go out and repair systems properly they can tell you well....
When they on the JOB At times walk out and call people at times and ask for idea's.
The service tech. needs to be able to repair (Various) types of Heating Equipment From Heat pumps, AC units ,Gas, Oil ..also on weekends when has no backup and wake up at 2:AM in the morning, after work 11 hours.
IT IS more complicated now then ever.
Anyone that thinks they know everything you are truly 1 in a 1,000,000,000,000 and good luck to you..
Mr. Know it all..
I have never called anyone this, to make myself look GOOD and I never will !!
But when I hear or see it.. I truly think that about you sorry to say.
My point is to keep the teaching the people some may get it.. And you may also too!!!!!!!!!

PS. Only reason I wrote is,
Mr. Know all, went out two weeks and you didn't fix it again !!!
I did and you call people "knuckle heads" on the web ALOT you know who you are!
and you know I repaired it also.. Lol
Have a great day.