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lochinvar whn or triangle tube prestige solo

maybemark Member Posts: 1,131
Any comments from anyone, who feels i would be most happy with?
I live in a very old house in chicago, and really need to purge my heating system very well, to get as much contaniments out of it. I have every intention on installin a dirtmag. I have many large radiators in my house. My house is over 90 years old, with few walls insulated, 2 layers of brick, i layer of clay tile, and plaster directly on the clay time. I do have new windows and entry doors, with an unheated basement.
My house is about 2400- 2600 sq ft. I did blow in about 16 inches of insulation in the attic.
- I did do a heat loss calculation on my house, not including my basement, i am not sure if this makes the number accurate or not. My heat loss, not including the basement was a little over 73000.
- I have been in the trades all my life, but i am not a boiler man, I have been a carpenter general contractor for 40 years. is it stupid to for me to think i can mantain any of these boilers myself? And, out of both these boilers, is one easier to do maintance on than the other, and is one more reliable than the other? I do understand, that being reliable has alot to do on the instalation. i have a great plumber, but he is old school. he has installed several boilers in his lifetime, but only a handful of high effeciency boilers. He is trying to talk me into putting in a standard boiler.
- Right now i have a 35 years old boiler that is way over size, and is killing me in gas bills.
- I need to change this, and do something.
- I don't have any thoughts of doing this, this winter ,i'll wait till the spring, but i want to do my homework before spring.
- Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated
- I thank you in advance
- mark
- hope all have a great weekend


  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    With that heat loss, I would choose the WHN085 over the PST110. While the new TT HX design is probably an improvement, the minimum firing rate is almost twice that on the Lochinvar. Because of this, I would strongly recommend using polypropylene flue venting and not PVC.
  • Eastman
    Eastman Member Posts: 927
    What about sound? Is there a difference between the two manufacturers or in comparison to watertube designs.?
  • maybemark
    maybemark Member Posts: 1,131
    why would you consider the polypropylene flue over pvc?
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    First because it's actually code approved as a venting method.

    In the WHN case because the bottom pan of the original TT HX design (which Lochinvar and many others are now selling) will be subject to chloride leaching from condensate.
  • maybemark
    maybemark Member Posts: 1,131
    thank you for your feedback
  • maybemark
    maybemark Member Posts: 1,131
    I am going with the Lochinvar whn85 for my boiler and a 40 gal DHW by Lochinvar
  • Andy_27
    Andy_27 Member Posts: 17
    Exactly the same setup I had installed in my new home. The only drawback -- I have a 6 foot long tub in the master and 40 gal is just barely enough to fill it. ( with the tank temp set at 120). In retrospect I should have gone with 50.
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,514
    You can extend your draught if you bump tank temp up to 140, and add mixing valve to mix down to 110.