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Ridgid 65r-c threader

ThomasG Member Posts: 1
Does anyone know how to unjam a ridged 65r-c threader after it has gone to far past the guide and kicked out ?


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Put the piece of pipe back in it (if it isn't still in there). Put it in a vice stand or the power drive that caused the problem. Take a 3' pipe wrench and carefully fit it to the collar that the four pins slide on. Try to turn it away from the jam. Don't crank too hard. Like don't use a 20' cheater bar. You have to get the forward/reverse lever to flip over. Don't try to beat it with an energy wrench. You'll break the pawl.

    When you teach helpers to thread pipe with a power drive, teach them to always have the reverse lever on TOP and when the guide plate drops off the slide, to kill the power instantly and flip the lever to reverse. That way, it starts to ratchet and can't do that. If YOU did it, the same applies.

    Jamming them can be a very bad thing.