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Water Test

Hilly Member Posts: 417
I got an e-mail from a friend with this water analysis. He does have potable water coming from this well and make-up water for his heating system. Can anyone recommend what he'll need to clean up his water or point me (doing a bit of leg work for him) in the right direction, whether it's to a website, company, sales rep.... I'm just trying to get him on the right track before he starts living in this home. Thanks for any advice and/or direction. There's a link to the actual report he received.


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Its my understanding of water treatment that the water isn't too bad. It has a high PH and high Magnesium which contributes to the hardness. It also is very high in iron. Iron is a form of hardness and some can be removed with a water softener. The softener will work better with the higher PH. The chlorides are high. Are you near the ocean or a big highway that gets ice removal with a lot of salt?

    Water treatment is really a very specialized field. The person is going to need some filtration. Especially over the iron. And a professional water treatment company with a good reputation for installs in your area is really a good place to start.

    Iron is the tough one. If you use a Softener, you need to use a lot of Iron Out in the brine tank to keep the Cation/Resin bed clean. With water like that, there must be others around that have systems. What do they use? Be sure that they install a filter that backwashes/regenerates with a METER and not just on a calendar basis. It can waste precious treated water or give you untreated water while waiting for a backwash cycle.