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Correlating modcon firing rate to gas usage

sandeen Member Posts: 5
I have a triangle tube solo 60, which modulates from 16 to 60 MBTU/hr. The boiler reports a firing rate from 0% to 100% when it's firing. I'd like to correlate this firing rate over time to actual gas usage, just because I'm a geek about data and graphs, and could in theory track therms per heating degree day with just the data available from the boiler (firing rate & outdoor temp).
So - does the firing rate range 0%->100% span the boiler's minimum->maximum input rates of 16 MBTU/hr -> 60MBTU/hr?
Maybe that's a dumb question, but at first I naively thought that the 0% to 100% range covered 0 MBTU/hr -> 60 MBTU/hr, and that wasn't coming out right at all.



  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    The percentage indicated on the TriMax display is the percentage of modulation between the minimum and maximum firing rates. So a PTS60 showing 5% would actually be firing at ~18.2k.
  • sandeen
    sandeen Member Posts: 5
    Great, thanks, that's what I thought, but wanted to confirm. That matches the gas meter fairly well.