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EDR Assist - Info on Convector?

Hello, everyone.

I'm in the process of balancing out the 1-pipe steam in my house, and am looking to find out the EDR of a few of my convectors. I've nailed down all the rest, but this one has been perplexing me a bit.

Please see the attached photo... how many sections is this? 3 or 9? And what is the best way to calculate the EDR on this beast?

Thanks so much,


  • When you say" trying to balance out your system", what has the EDR got to do with it? Does this convector get steam at the same time as all the others? Main venting will be more effective at that sort of balancing.
    Is this one pipe or two pipe?--NBC
  • cnjamros
    cnjamros Member Posts: 75
    Hi there.

    Installing the rest of the main vents today (for a total of 6 Gorton 2s), and want to calculate the size of vent I will need for these convectors.

    Currently the ones near the end of the main have Gorton Ds and I'm pretty sure those will be too big once I vent the mains properly.

    To use the Gill/Pajek chart, I think I need the EDR to calculate the volume of air and therefore the proper vent.

    It's a one-pipe system.

    Happy to hear your thoughts, and if I happen to be over complicating it.

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