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Thermostat connections for primary solar heat with backup of heat pumps question

The thermostat is a Traine 802 for one heat pump
The second heat pump has two Traine 802s connected to a Honeywell Total Zone 4 with the zones controlling dampers and the heat pump

Should the solar relays be connected to the W1&R terminals and the heat pumps to the W2?

Currently, the W2 and Y2 are jumpered at the Honeywell. There are two unused wires to the thermostats.

FWIW, the solar coils are after the heat pump coils in the AHUs.
The solar coils are valved off if the antifreeze loop is cool by a thermostat which is on the antifreeze loop after the valve taps which breaks the valves' transformer circuit, so the coils are not cold when there is a call for heat.
The circulator pump and coil valves will be controlled by the thermostat's DPDT relays.
There is a pressure regulated antifreeze bypass around the coils. This is so that when the coil valves are both closed the circulator is not pumping against the valves and the solar coils are not cold when there is a call for heat. (I think I should add a fan control too so that the coils are hot before the fans start...)
I did not install the heat pump system.