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Bad steam install and issue 8 years later

clammy Member Posts: 3,113
It s really quite amazing that it worked for this long Especially with creative control location amazing .I never seen this before ever but a Utica oil fired starfire steamer which came with a float low water cut which was removed and a electronic low water cut off installed except from the looks of it drilled and tapped the block for both the low water cut off and the gauge and pressuretrol .The reason i say that is they drilled right through the boilers rating sticker and the big black marker x mark on the jacket so they drill the jacket in the right place messed up . They piped it using 1 tapping and the water level drops and stackes up right where there probe cut off was installed even though the sight glass is empty very funny .i figured they removed the float because it keep shuttingthe boiler off .The 2 nd installed boiler failed and was inspected at the time it lasted about 3 years and died so the cut the copper used 2 slip couplings and slide in another oversized starfire and peeled off the inspection stickers and stuck them on the next on .I should have taken pics but did not, even better is the improperly installed barometric which is installed so you can look to see if the chimmey base is clogged but allows for a clean boiler and high stack temp being the barometric is doing nothing to cut the excess draft but the boiler stays clean due to the 650 degree stack ,chimmey is about 35 ft high so great draft .Oil co wonder why they lose business this job shows it all and they have the sack to leave there sticker on the boiler what a set of bowling balls but I see that from a lot of companies I find it very comedic if my work looked like that I would not want anyone to know I was even there haha.The best thing about it all is the guys got a gas line in the home but no meter since the 70 and the first opec embargo .Where hoping that he is hooked to the gas main and if so first thing that goes is the indirect tank working off the steamer which is also piped like nothing I have ever seen .I asked the HO if he received holiday fruit baskets from his oil co and he stated no and i told him they should be giving him a holiday basket ever month being he s on budget for 700 sheets a month 12 months a year .If he was o gas his yearly bill would never go over 1/2 of what he spends on oil .PS don t start me on there amazing oil lines and tiger loop mounting and install great stuff but at least he has tank insurance for his 80 year old 550 buried tank good thing his oil co is taking care of him and his money taking it right to the bank .Full service oil co to no eff tests or service records to be found ,the HO doesn t seem to realize he s been duped for the past 10 or so years hahah.Sorry for the rant peace and good luck clammy
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