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Can recessed cast iron radiators (Governale) be replaced with Panel rads?

MT626 Member Posts: 7
I am having cast iron rads installed. I'm not thrilled with the look. The flat panel rads look great and I had mentioned these panels to several heating companies but every one of them indicated they are cost prohibitive. In looking at posted price lists, they look about the same as Cast Irons for the same BTU output. (I know pricing can't be discussed but I'm curious if I'm missing something as they don't seem that expensive compared to recessed radiators which every company I interviewed planned to use.)

I don't know if I can return the cast irons rads I already bought but I'm curious if it's a big deal to change to these panel radiators instead. If I end up stuck with these cast iron beasts for now, could I swap them out in the future for panel rads? I'm hoping it's a simple reconnection of the cast iron rad to the flat panel.

Not sure if all manufacturers are the same in quality and performance. I looked at Myson, Budereaus, and Veha. Would be interested if most of these panel rads are basically the same.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,395
    You can install just about anything. I have panel rads in my house and I like them. Compared to the cast iron though I would take the CI, hands down....its hard to beat that performance. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • MT626
    MT626 Member Posts: 7
    thanks kcopp. As long as the BTU output matches the room needs, then won't the performance needs be met?