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Carlin burner keep tripping out

BillFan Member Posts: 1
Hello all,

I have a Energy Kinetic EK1 oil heating system. The burner is a pretty much standard Becket/Carlin forced draft fan burner system. The Carlin 60200 primary control keep tripping out recently. I took the CAD cell connector, which resistance reads from infinite at idle to about 3K to 5K ohm when burner runs. The read is accurate cause I replaced the CAD cell with a new one, and it reads the same. So I guess this suggest the fire is not burning properly in the chamber.

My plumber had changed ignitor, nozzle, electrode, and ensured the oil supply/pump was running fine. But none of them changed the situation. I then tried a few things by myself. At one try, I accidentally left the ignitor cover unscrewed with 1/16 inch of opening, and the burner runs totally fine. I got CAD cell reading down to 100ohm in this case. Once I force close the cover, the CAD cell reading went back to 3K ohm.

Is there any suggest on what went wrong? Note that the chimney is only 3 feet high. Would it cause insufficient draft in the flue, thus cause fire problem in chamber. But how could leaving a 1/16 gap in ignitor cover solves the draft problem? Should I try cleaning the flue, or increase fan air inlet?

Any suggest is greatly appreciated.



  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    edited September 2014
    You need.....

    You need an actual competent professional in there to properly diagnose this, and not a parts changer..With the right tools, this will be diagnosed and fixed in about 20 minutes. You didn't need to change all those parts.

    BTW, your lucky that ignitor didn't give you a nice surprise when you left it up like you did..

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