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ecosphere heat pump?

Hilly Member Posts: 426
Anybody ever work with the air-to-water heat pump by hcw systems.com. I believe it may be ecosphere under the hood.


  • Hilly
    Hilly Member Posts: 426
    found the model

    The unit is Ecoshpere PASRF060. I'm attempting to wiring up the hydro box with aux electric boiler backup and was hoping somebody had some experience with them. I have a link to a dropbox manual too.


    It is currently piped as per 5.1(D) around page 13. This manual is french that mysteriously converts to English some ways down. So I need to wire this for one (primary pump) and one system pump with one thermostat. And the boiler needs to cut in when the water temps cannot be achieved in the deep of winter months. The boiler is a SlantFin Electric boiler (M2). Anyway I hope somebody can help. Oh and there is only 1 manifold that feeds a radiant staple-up job with heat transfer plates.
  • Hilly
    Hilly Member Posts: 426
    does this seem right

    From reading through this manual, I believe this is how I should be hooking it up. I'm trying to figure this out before going to the job Monday evening. It was all piped properly but never wired to make it all work... So that's the task I've been asked to tackle. I believe this drawing I have scratched is what they want, just hoping somebody can help me determine if I'm missing anything. I'll step down the 240VAC for the primary pump to 120VAC. That's the only difference.