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Embassy Industries ONEX Boiler FILL issue

Need help! boilers say FILL meanwhile they are filled with water and pressure is fine.


  • pblarsonpblarson Member Posts: 1
    I am experiencing this same issue. Did you get any resolution?
  • ethete777ethete777 Member Posts: 1
    Embassy Onex FILL error , I have helped trouble shoot Onex issues for seven years and what I have found is the pressure has to be a minimum of 20 PSI on the initial fill of a new start up. The actual PSI needed is 18 PSI for the regular operation also if this is an older installation you may have some calcification causing the pressure to be misread . Fernox is always a good remedy to keep the system operating to specification .
    All air in the combi heat exchanger must be purged and a few times and the upper Air vent checked for proper operation and debris to assure ghost readings are not affecting the FILL error .
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,536
    This is a issue I have seen w/ about 3 units. 1 I installed, 2 I did not. The pressure switch gets gummed up w/ junk and needs to get cleaned out. I posted on this earlier this year. Pull out. run a toothpick in the hole and flush.
  • ohsopoeticohsopoetic Member Posts: 1
    I have 2 Embassy Onex units in a two-family home. Unit 1, the heat/hot water is great. Unit 2, the heat/hot water is ok. Unit 1 seems to always get air in the lines, but no leaks. The expansion tank has been replaced already (within 2 yrs). This unit (unit 1) vibrates violently!! It's very inconsistent though. Does anyone have any idea why the unit vibrates and why it constantly gets air in the lines? Also, Unit 2 I have to keep the 3rd floor zone wide open if not the heat will not register from the thermostat. Any advice?
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,536
    What do you have to remove air from the system? Spirovent? How is it piped? What type of radiation?
    The vibration sounds like it not tuned up properly? Was it set up w/ a combustion analyzer? Natural or LP gas?
    The expansion tank is prob not big enough to have a zone up on the 3rd floor...hence the heating issue and this could also give you an issue w/ the air in the system.
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 3,536
    As to the hot water issue.... there is a small bleeder valve in back on the small tank, on the bottom at about 7.00. It likes to collect air. open it up and see how much air comes out.
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