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Stupid is as Stupid does.

A midnite thief struck one more AC cond unit. .Someone disconnected the top/cond fan motor assembly and put it off to the side ,leaning gently against the bldg. The screen that kinda protects the cond coil fins was unscrewed and put off to the side also. The comp discharge line was crimped/cut and the LL as well . Then they stole the cond coil only, they didn't take SL &LL that was on the wall, 15' of it, this is on a 4t 10seer system. How much did they make? Aluminum fins on copper tubing! They were neat!


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Crimped Style:

    Enough to buy a small amount of dope.

    The people that buy cut off coils should be sought out, charged and arrested for stealing stolen property. Police officers time would be better spent chasing after thieves who buy stolen stuff that is being "fenced" for pennies on the dollar rather than telling people to  not walk in the roadway of a lightly traveled street.
  • Harvey Ramer
    Harvey Ramer Member Posts: 2,225

    I saw a recent article in the ACHR news about one of these hoodlums that they caught red handed. The officers actually witnessed him cutting the lines. They turned him over to the federal authorities where getting charged with theft was the least of his worries. They brought out the EPA laws on illegal release of refrigerant and used that against him. For anyone unfamiliar with these laws, lets just say he will have completely empty pockets and about a decade to ponder the wisdom of his criminal career.

  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 935
    Something needs to be done

    They hit my church last week. Linesets. 4 units, 7.5 to 10 ton, only ran about 10' each. Left the 5 ton units alone, didn't take coils. Luckily didn't find the 50 ton's lineset or we would have had a steamy service Sunday! 20' off the busiest road in Indy. 
  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Stolen Copper:

    Instead of doing useful things like harassing teens and minorities, and ignoring habitual drunk drivers, why aren't they visiting salvage yards and checking for all these scrapped coils and line sets? They are being stolen for drug money. The salvage yards who but this stuff are just illegal fencing operations for stolen goods. They have time for specious drug stop and searches, why not hassle these crooks? The was someone where I lived that was buying stolen copper. Someone ripped off some big jobs where they stole full lengths of big copper off of a few big jobs. they had so much copper, they would make a wholesale house envious.

    If they are buying coils and line sets, they should be asking for EPA licenses. Anyone not wanting to provide an EPA number must be a thief.

    How much money was collected on Sundays for how long to cover the cost of the theft? They are stealing from you and I. They build and empty private prisons of the real crooks to make way for someone with a little weed to take their place. We have all our priorities wrong.
  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850

    If they just staked out the salvage yards and interrogated the folks who come in with the stuff it would put a big dent in the theft. When I go to the scrap yard it is with separated drums of PVF. I would welcome the police to question me, at least I would know that they were doing SOMETHING. If the crooks cant get rid of the goods, they're no going to steal it. In my area there are three scrap yards, if they put an officer at each yard theft would go waaayyy down. (and nobody would even notice the lack of three cops on the road)


  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Watchful Police:

    Constitutionally, I don't think the Police can interrogate you for what you have unless you are non-white. In which case, all bets are off.

    When you go to a licensed Pawn Shop to sell or pawn stuff, they are required by law to keep records of who sold what. So, if they find stolen things, they can trace it back to who they bought it from.

    There was a criminal who was going around stealing rare books from library's and selling them to rare book dealers. The Library's didn't even know the books had been stolen. They caught the creep just the same. He was a former neighbor of mine.