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no header and equalizer???

Paul SPaul S Member Posts: 1,220
i went on estimate today, it was a leaking steam boiler . boiler must be replaced. radiation equals to 325 sq ft/78,000 btus. i got job going to replace tomorrow morning. question is existing boiler has one  3" inch going strainght up to a 2" inch main, no header no equalizer no hartford loop return just goes straight into boiler return tapping. system is a one pipe gravity return system , correct me if im wrong i think its a parellel flow sytem, at the ends of the 2 mains there is a main vent then it drops down to 1 inch 1/4" , should i pipe like i normally do ?, drop header, and how did it work for the last 20 years? no check valve on return...thanks paul s
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