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Weil McLain VHE 5

DrewserDrewser Member Posts: 33
So, we're having our boiler replaced in about a week. We have a WM VHE-5 Series 2, going by the CP# it was manufactured in 1983. We've only owned this house for about 4 years now, and last winter was the first time we had any issues with it. Anyway...

I had to remove a nasty old shower stall in the corner of the basement to make room for the new unit and associated near-boiler piping, and have been dismantling a few things on the old boiler just to satisfy my own curiosity.

I know this unit has the secondary heat exchanger on it, and I removed the cover to take a look...I also noted some cracks and splits on the welds where the tubing enters and leaves the collector box. And look at those boiler sections! Yum. Time for it to go!

Just thought I'd post these for you folks out there who take an interest in such things. I know I find it interesting. And no, this unit was never piped right from the beginning.



  • DrewserDrewser Member Posts: 33
    ...and a question...

    While I'm on the topic, does anyone remember offhand what the water capacity of these boilers was? I've been looking and looking online and haven't been able to find it. The old boiler literature that WM has in the 'Discontinued Boilers' section on their website does not list water content capacities. Mostly I'm just curious, as our new boiler apparently has a water capacity of 3 gallons.

    If anyone can remember or knows offhand, I'd appreciate it...

  • DrewserDrewser Member Posts: 33
    WM emails back...

    I had emailed WM customer support asking about boiler capacity. According to the rep that replied, I was correct, they never published water capacity specs.

    They told me that total capacity of that boiler is 2.7 gallons. Seems on the low side to me, but if that's what they say it is, it must be.

  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265

    I've drained more than one VHE-5 into a 5 gallon bucket and never had a bucket overflow.

    I would have suggested 3+ gallons.
  • DrewserDrewser Member Posts: 33

    ...I guess my youth and obvious inexperience is showing here. But, most importantly, I'm learning. For some reason I thought a 30-year-old cast iron boiler would hold more water than that, but in thinking about it I suppose it makes sense.

    I kind of thought that the iron sections might hold 6-7 gallons and the secondary might hold one. But, you live, you learn, eh?

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