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Caleffi (and other) Web-based Controllers

matt_sunwaysolarmatt_sunwaysolar Member Posts: 61
Hey, everybody. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience (positive or negative) using a Caleffi iSolar Controller with one of their web-based data loggers (DL 2 or DL3)?

Particularly, how reliable is the web-based connection/software/hardware?

I've had recent horrible experiences with the Heliodyne Delta T Pro Controller, which I wouldn't, in good conscience, recommend to anyone. I'm looking to avoid ongoing service issues, and to basically be able to extrapolate the energy data remotely.

Hot Rod, I know you're on this forum quite a bit, any anecdotal info/experience? Maybe you could pass me along to a client you've got who uses the data loggers?

Thanks in advance.


  • hot rodhot rod Member Posts: 7,006
    The controllers

    and interface with the various loggers has been worked out, no more issues with current versions, that I know of.

    Getting them online is still a hit and miss. I think more has to do with the ISP, routers, hand held devices, etc. Finding someone that can get all the technologies on the same page isn't easy, then to understand the solar and water side to boot. Not many building owners have stable, or static IP addresses unless you pay for that or go with a third party service to provide one. That is what throws a wrench in the works. The logger is always searching for the address you programed in.

    I hear the has cleared up lot of the problems. Your logger talks directly to their server, and you pull data from it. Try a demo at the sight.

    I also came across this chat room for the vbus user, looks like most of the issues and questions are addressed here along with a factory person or two that I recognize. This would be the most current advice I could offer.

    Sorry, I don't deal with these enough to stay current on the versions and updates.!forum/resol-vbus
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    The magic is in hydronics, and hydronics is in me
  • matt_sunwaysolarmatt_sunwaysolar Member Posts: 61

    Thanks. I'll look into the links.
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