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How to choose suitable size of furnace?

VadorVador Member Posts: 11
I have a question. My home is bungalow with 1300 sq. feet. on the main floor and the same size of footage in the basement. I want to heat them up together. I live in Calgary, Alberta. My question is how I have to choose size and capacity of future furnace? I had two contractors and they gave my two different type of furnace. One is EL296UH090XV36C and another EL296UH070XV36B. All them from LENNOX. How I have to choose right one?


  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    OK. I agree with you. All calculations need to do before install it. Looks like they are experience in that subject. In the meantime I have two different size of furnace. I looked at website of LENNOX. One Furnace is for 1555 sq.feet another for 2000 sq. feet. Neither one nor the other does not fit to me. Assume that, I have together 2600 sq.feet and according of LENNOX's table I have to choose UX110XV48C for 2444 sq.feet. Is it right? Thank you for you response!
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    Thank you! If you do not mind could you approximately calculate that? What the information do you need for?
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11
    I will calculate in meter, sorry about that

    1.103 sq m - main floor

    2.100 sq m - basement

    3.2.2 m - basement

    4 2.4 m - main floor

    5.8.5 m by 12.20 m

    6.0.013 m. wood

    7. -----

    8. ------

    9. + 22 Celcius

    10. 7 windiws 1.5 by 1.1 m

    1.3 by 1.5 m

    2.4 by 1.35 m

    0.76 by 1.7 m

    0.76 by 1.7 m

    0.76 by 1.7 m

    0.80 by 1.15 m

    11. 2 doors 0.8 by 2 m

    12.- 40 celsius

    13. + 24 celcius

    It was built in 1964. There aren't any cracks.
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    15. simple windows, two biggest of them with double glass pane, another are slide.
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    Thank you for your response. Suddenly, I have learned that I had bought smaller size of home than was in advancement of that :( Not to much, but.....

    The thickness of wall is 0.013 m, inside there is fiber glass. In the attic was fiber glass and the thickness of that was 0.5 m. i am going to put new one. Exterior wall covered by stucco with small stones. I have in the basement heating hols, therefore the temperature does not has big difference. I assume, it is 6-8 Celsius. Between the main floor and the basement there isn't any insulation. The ceiling of the basement covered by drywall. I would like to have common tempetature in the basement 22-24 Celsius and upstairs about 24-25 Celsius. Thank you.
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    The thickness of the wall 0.13 m :)

    I have developed basement with four rooms:

    1. 3.30 by 3.04 m

    2.3.35 by 2 m

    3.3.30 by 5.75 m

    4. 4.50 by 2.54 m

    and hall 3.6 by 5.40 m.

    I don know what there is inside of the wall near foundation :(
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11
    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

    I am really appreciate your answer! It is rarely today that somebody sacrifice your time to another person! Thank you!

    One more question, perhaps you know about water system "on demand"? What is better to install "water heater tank about 50 gallon or system "on demand". Thank you!
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11
    Thank you!

    Thank you for your answer! Have a good night! If I have a question could I send you massage? Not to often:)
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    I am engineer - electric as well. In this year I am going to celebrate anniversary. 20 years ago I have done last exam in my University. Thank you for your attitude!
  • VadorVador Member Posts: 11

    Thank you very much!
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