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R410A pipe sizing chart

Does anyone have, or know about obtaining  a refrig pipe sizing chart? I'm interested in discharge and liquid line's at the moment , 55* evap temp and lower, this is on a 15t chiller, remote cond  coil , 125' measured, not equivalent length. 15' vertical rise.


  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    Not quite enough information, but....

    I would need a little more information, but my gut reaction is 1 5/8" suction and 7/8" liquid.  If it was R22 it would be 2 3/8" suction and 7/8" liquid.  I would have to double check my charts when I get to the office tomorrow.  The question is the velocity on the rise to compensate for the oil.  I like to keep my velocity on the vertical above 1500 fpm and keep the Delta on the suction below 4 F (preferably 2-3 F).

    Hope this helps.
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    edited June 2014
    R410a pipe

    I would like a "gut" like that some day. Not enough info, OK! Keeping the velocity up on the vertical is an excellent point. down sizing the riser? or double suction riser? Or a "P" trap at start of rise just before the remote condenser? And my "gut" suggests insulating the LL , due to 80' or so being expose to the ambient. Is there a weather proof covering/coating for the pipe insulation? Thanks Chris!
  • meplumber
    meplumber Member Posts: 678
    Line sizing

    We do most of our work on 15 ton and up.  "Go with what you know."  Haha.

    You will want to trap that riser at the bottom, but you shouldn't have to do an inverted trap at the HX.  15' isn't that big of a rise for 15 ton, but....

    I am assuming that this is a 2 compressor machine.  The concern is velocity with only one compressor running.  Who is the manufacturer?  They should have some refer velocity data at the outlet of the condenser.  If they are moving 3800 fpm at the outlet, and the riser is really close to it, then I don't sweat the riser velocity so much.  Also, if you have the total equivalent length, I can dial it in exactly.

    I would sleeve the 1 5/8" in 4" PVC with 1" insulation on it.  You can split a 90 at the top of the riser where it goes into the building and then glue the seam.  We would then put the LL in a 3" PVC pipe, also insulated (with at least 1/2"), and use split ring hangers to secure it to the building.  Makes for a nice straight run where people can see it.