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Radiator too short after new floor... currently "floating" in the air

Linds0323 Member Posts: 3

I hope I am placing this in the correct forum. I am in the process of having a new tile floor installed in my bathroom. The previous floor was wood and installed on shims on top of cement and it had to be removed b/c the improper install caused issues. Because it was installed on shims it was a bit higher than the current floor is and that made the floor very uneven. Now that the new floor is in, the small radiator is floating almost an inch above the current floor. The flooring guy did not remove the radiator, he only shimmed it up during tiling and he was planning on placing permanent shims under the feet to keep it up. I am not a huge fan of this idea, unless there are some shims that could potentially look like radiator 'feet' and be painted white. I have researched adjustable radiator feet but they do not seem to exist. Is there another way to lower the rad and pipes without having to re-plumb or break open the ceiling below? I am asking before I call in a plumber and spend more money. Obviously the contractor can make shims for it to sit on but he is also thinking of other options in the mean time. I have linked a photo of the current state...the floor has not been grouted. I would appreciate any input anyone may have. Thank you in advance.


  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850
    Radiator Pedestals

    See the attached post. Try contacting Gordon or Frank to see if they can supply you with some. Just click on the names Gordo or Steamhead and you can e-mail them.


  • Linds0323
    Linds0323 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Rob for the info

    I will reach out and hopefully someone can help!
  • 04090
    04090 Member Posts: 142

    WE had a similar problem years ago in a bath.

    Solved by cutting hardwood dowels the same diameter as the radiator foot.  Painted to match and tapered a small bit, they not only totally blend in but each could be cut to achieve a perfect pitch.
  • Linds0323
    Linds0323 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks! We came up with a similar idea

    We actually ended up doing something similar since everything that was pre-manufactured was too small and due to the size of the gap we had to create something. My contractor ended up doing the attached. I thought I would mind it, but it actually just looks decorative and no one notices it...the radiator is now sturdy and hopefully this solved the problem.