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cased coils

can you put a cased  carrier ac coil on a oil furnace? does it have to be 6 inches off the top? can you put on top with high temperature pan directly on top?i dont have the height so if i cant get high temp. pan , i was thinking of getting a new furnace that is shorter. does carrier make a high temp. pan for cpvp coil?


  • NJ, Designer
    NJ, Designer Member Posts: 53
    Whats the Problem

    To be honest I never installed a oil burner, luckily were I live we has NG, That said I never heard of a requirement to leave more space on top of a oil burner, I have seen a few oil burners with a cased coil right on top, I did look up some specs for oil burners from Bryant and no mention of leaving more space........ Not sure why you think you need more space?
  • Spence
    Spence Member Posts: 316
    AC with Oil

    Check your IOM for both furnace and coil.  There was an issue a few years ago with older oil furnaces and the heat from the combustion chamber/heat exchanger effecting the drain pans, so a higher stand-off was needed.  A new furnace with higher blower speeds changed the ball game.  However, check your coil PD, the duct system pressure, and the blower capability before you select any components.  Oil furnaces by nature have a high PD, so it could be difficult getting the performance for which you paid and expect.
  • Paul_69
    Paul_69 Member Posts: 251
    pans on oil furnace

    it is a old oil furnace that has melted the plastic pan. my guess it is to close to furnace h.e. and need to move it up or better  yet get a new furnace. someone put a coil on top of this junk furnace 3 years ago and he asked me to look at situation   and i dont  like anything about it.