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Wireless thermostat question

Hi All,

My neighbor has a one pipe steam system and separate 2 zone

a/c systems. Her steam is fine but she is looking to fix her summer a/c issues. The

one zone is the second and third floor, and the thermostat was installed

on the 3rd floor. The third floor is the hottest, so she would prefer to have the thermostat on the 2 floor. The installer wasn't able to run the wires to the second floor, might have had to open walls or damage wallpaper, I didn't ask.

Could you recommend (model number of/brand) a wireless thermostat that she could have installed that would enable her to take the temperature reading from the second floor, and (wireless) talk to a unit wired on the third floor, that the system would use as the set point over the actual 3rd floor temp? They are only a few years old, and they are nice trane units. I remember seeing that type of setup on a This Old House episode, but can't remember which one!

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  • icesailor
    icesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Wireless Thermostat.

    I've used Honeywell "Red Hat"units. There might be others now. I've mounted them on finish boards and you could move them around.

    If your friend has AC on two floors off the same unit (second and third floors), the third floor or top floor will never work properly because cold air is heavier than warm air and the cold air on the third floor coming out of the registers will always fall to the floor below. Super cooling it. Especially if it is a "Shotgun" system with the evaporator on the second floor and no return except on the second floor. Any air that comes out of the third floor has to go to the lower floor to be recycled.

    Unless there is a return taking the hot air from the ceiling on the third floor, it will never work as advertised by the installer. Moving the thermostat to the top/third floor will only super cool the second floor. If the ducting is installed as I think it was.
  • John Mills_5
    John Mills_5 Member Posts: 935
    edited May 2014

    Emerson 1F98EZ-1621 is pretty basic but does the job.

    If you get into the Honeywell Red Link system, you get a lot more capability plus internet accessible. The new Vision Pro with an EIM will communicate wirelessly. You can add the wireless remote for even more control. The internet gateway will hook to a router so they can access the system while away. They can hook things like emergency pan float switches to the EIM and get a message that the pan is full for example. One option is a remote temp sensor so they can average between the 2 floors, the remote and the built in the stat.
  • moneypitfeeder
    moneypitfeeder Member Posts: 249
    Thank you

    I'll check with her and see specifically what her issues are, and if her problem is just moving the thermostat, I'll give her your recommendations. Thank you for shedding some light on this for me, I don't have much knowledge of a/c systems.
    steam newbie