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Diakin VRV

<span>Today I spent all day in a Daikin VRV training class. We got a sneak peek at the VRV IV ,, to be available soon! They have done some fascinating things with the VRV IV. One of the features they have added is in addition to operating on the current VRV technology, it will also be able to simultaneously operate in VRT mode. Variable Refrigerant Temperature. Meaning it will lower the condenser temp and raise the evaporator temp under low Indoor/Outdoor °Δ/T This is great! Nice increase in efficiency however, the question becomes. How are they now maintaining humidity control with an increased evaporator temp? I am not aware of any enthalpy sensor in the indoor cassette, to monitor room conditions. </span>

<span>I popped the question at the class but nobody knew. Anybody on here got the info?</span>

<span>They also added a shell and tube subcooler to the condenser unit. And in the cassette they have a mechanism that automatically and continually vacuums the filter. It deposits the dirt into a little box and when the box is full, a little LED light comes on and you just poke a vacuum hose up in a little hole in the bottom of the cassette and it will suck the dirt right out. Back in business and you didn't even need a ladder. It also has sensors in it that can see people. When it sees somebody, it redirects the airflow so it's not blowing at them. VERY COOL, but I bet it would drive the dog nuts if he's trying to get warm :-) </span>

<span>Harvey</span><span style="font-size:16pt"> </span>


  • Eugene Silberstein_2
    Eugene Silberstein_2 Member Posts: 349
    Sounds Cool!

    I have not yet seen the VIV but am looking forward to it. I heard about the features but have also heard that it is not a very pretty thing to look at. I am also hearing that there will be shipping/damage issues since the packaging on the equipment is sparse at best.

    We have a VIII system installed in our controls lab at the college that has 6 indoor units.

    I love the technology and am interested in seeing the filter vacuum in action.