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SmartTrac from Watts Radiant

JC4218 Member Posts: 1
Does anyone have any experience with SmartTrac from Watts Radiant?  (See here <a href="http://www.wattsradiant.com/products/SmartTrac/">[u][color=#0066cc]http://www.wattsradiant.com/products/SmartTrac/[/color][/u]</a>). Building a house in a Zone 5 location - looking at different radiant panels for the first and second floor (basement will put tubing in concrete).   About 4,500 sq/ft above grade.   Cost difference between Warmboard and SmartTrac product is alot.  Realistically we could go with Warmboard, but we would have to save on insulation costs and use fiberglass.   The other option is to go with SmartTrac and use a spray foam insulation.   I've got a very good general contractor and HVAC subcontractor, but neither have experience with Warmboard or SmartTrac.  I realize that SmartTrac does not have an aluminum layer to it, so that it will require more tubing and slightly higher water temps.  Despite the additional labor and materials, SmartTrac is still much, much more cost efficient. Will be using mostly engineered wood flooring over whatever panel is used, along with a much smaller amount of tile.  Need to know whether the aluminum conductive layer makes that much of a real world difference.  If anyone has any experience with SmartTrac, or other MDF or similar panels, comments about the performance would be most appreciated. Thank you.


  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,766
    Take a look at this

    I have used Warmboard and this product . Don't know how it would compare with the watts but sure as hell beats Warmboard in price and performance .  Aluminum is not needed , it is just what we've had . This heats faster , heats more evenly and is more responsive . The 3/4 board for 1/2 tubing and graphite covering is very good and they have an MDF board with hardibacker adhered to it for tile areas , when the 2 meet there will be no height difference between the 2 finished floors .  Her is a link to that product and another to a recent job of mine so you can see the boards . Requires no higher water temp than W Board .


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  • edwin57
    edwin57 Member Posts: 4
    just installed smartrac system on 1st floor of my new home would like to know what the correct thinset mortar brand to use in direct contact with the orange pex 3/8" tubing, thanks