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Loctite 55

Dave Stroman
Dave Stroman Member Posts: 763
I have had a couple of containers of Loctite 55.  They lasted for years.  Many of you know how valuable this stuff is when threads do not match up correctly.  I used the last of what I had the other day and in the past I have never been able to find more anywhere.  I was told that it was not made anymore. 

I did a Google search and I'll be narned,  I found some.  It came for the UK and was $30 a bottle, but I will be glad I have some next time I really need it.

Here is the link-

<a href="http://www.fruugo.us/loctite-55-pipe-sealing-thread-cord-for-water-and-gas-leak-fix-size-150m/p-2841311">http://www.fruugo.us/loctite-55-pipe-sealing-thread-cord-for-water-and-gas-leak-fix-size-150m/p-2841311</a>

Dave Stroman
Dave Stroman


  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited April 2014
    Dave I wish you would have posted

    before you bought it, fastenal has tons of it on clearance for $7 a container...


    you can buy it online, but I know my local store has a shelf full of it last time I seen it, and I just checked my zip code and almost every store in CT has it in stock....


    I have seen it and remember years ago when it was coming out they had displays setup and demos, BUT i was just never sold on it, I get it and in the demo they put 120psi through a hand tite fitting then submerged it in a fish tank with no bubbles, ,BUT when it comes to thread sealant guys are tough to get away from what works for them, especially the rope because it kind of defies logic {not by a lot}, its easier to sell them a nicer teflon tape or new dope than a magic rope.. I have heard from guys that it works well... If you can not get it locally I can pick it up here, we have tons of it available...

    I have a bottle on my truck, I can't remember if i used it, I have so many types of tefflon and sealers, I have profitter grey for stainless steel {handy on the ss buderus stuff and the ss water tanks, it is strong and doesn't rip up like the other stuff}, I have monster for almost everything else in 5 different sizes, then yellow anti seize tape for csst, then I have the ceramic tape for the food grade jobs, low density, medium, high, pink, blue, yellow, white, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4" ect ect ect ect.... I literally have about 40 different teflon tapes between the trucks and the shop...
  • Dave Stroman
    Dave Stroman Member Posts: 763
    Much thanks

    Thanks a lot, I will buy more.  You are right, I should have posted here first.  Oh well.
    Dave Stroman
  • heatpro02920
    heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    dave figure it this way

    Relative average cost- you buy 2 for $30 each then 2 for $7 each that lowers your per piece price to $18.50, so if you buy 10 at $7 that will get you around $10 each... Or you can just cancel the other order, lol...
  • SWEI
    SWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    I just ordered half a dozen

    at that price and for under $11 in shipping, I figured what the heck...